Advent Study Guide

I found this online and hope that you will enjoy it as well. It is an online Advent Bible Study 2020- “O Holy Night”. Click the link below to be taken to their website (Coker UMC located in San Antonio, Texas.

From their website:
This year, 2020, our Advent sermon series will focus on the incarnation story of Jesus Christ not only as found in Scripture but as accentuated in the classic Christmas carol, O Holy Night. We are offering this study, on-demand, so you can participate from anywhere you have access. Each week we will use one verse from the carol and pair it with one or more verses from Scripture. Pastor Damon Relder, Coker Member Richard Garrett, and Communications Director Jenn Clauser will be in discussions each week over the four topics listed below and will post a video of the discussions so you can listen in. Take the study guide and notes, ponder on them, and/or gather others to be in discussion with you! The videos and notes are (or will be) available


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